What is (Mycorrhizae) by Agroscience Solutions?
The plant performs photosynthesis and other above ground functions while the Mycorrhiza (the fungi) handle underground nutrition gathering and protection of  the roots.  Mycorrhiza is the defining term for the linking of plant roots with beneficial fungi in its natural way.  Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the plants roots.

What are propagules v. spores?
Propagules are the scientific term that encompasses spores, root fragments and hyphae.
Agroscience Solutions  mycorrhizal fungi  products also contains propagules that are root fragments and hyphae.   Agroscience Solutions Product labels contain the guaranteed count of spores after two year shelf life.

What makes it so beneficial?
Soils are greatly improved by the fungi (Mycorrhiza) sending millions of tiny root-threads far out from the plant roots. Problem soils can often be made productive with the introduction of Agroscience Solutions  mycorrhizal fungi.  Other important benefits include increased root generation, increased drought resistance, increased salt tolerance, reduced transplant shock, and increasing of other valuable Microorganisms already in the soil.

Why Agroscience Solutions (Mycorrhizal Fungi)?
Agroscience Solutions inoculant products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and true to the species and counts shown on our labels. Agroscience Solutions Products contain  mycorrhizae fungi appropriate for any combination of plant, soil, and climate.  In addition, Agroscience products are a proprietary blend of ingredients which have been tested in many conditions to provide the best colonization for mycorrhizae in your application.

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