Liquid Gyp by Agroscience Solutions contains the highest level of soluble calcium available which displaces the sodium in the Soil. This displacement then creates pore spaces in the soil to aid in water penetration. The effectiveness of the calcium is compounded by the use of a polyacrylamide that attaches to the soil particle and remains in the soil for future benefits, helping the soil structure to resist collapsing and soil lock-up.

Bulk Sizing copyBenefits:
•    Improves clay soils by displacing sodium, immediately decreasing ESP
•    Releases salts, lowering soil EC
•    Improves soil drainage
•    Reduces crusting and improves infiltration of water and nutrients

 How Does Liquid Gyp Compare to Regular Dry Gypsum?

In order for dry gypsum to work properly it must be tilled into the soil, vs Liquid Gyp can be applied by spray, flood or drip system.
The response to an application of dry gypsum is counted in months and years, vs. Liquid Gyp is effective immediately. The Calcium in Liquid Gyp is completely available with immediate results.

Calcium Equivalents
•    20 Gallons = 1 ton of dry gypsum
•    Liquid Gyp is an immediately available form of calcium

Available in 2.5 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 250 Gallon IBC Tote, and 5,000 Gallon Tanker.