What is (Mycorrhizae) by Agroscience Solutions?

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What is (Mycorrhizae) by Agroscience Solutions? The plant performs photosynthesis and other above ground functions while the Mycorrhiza (the fungi) handle underground nutrition gathering and protection of  the roots.  Mycorrhiza is the defining term for the linking of plant roots with beneficial fungi in its natural way.  Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the plants roots. What are propagules v. spores? Propagules are the...

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The Importance of Beneficial Microbes

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Beneficial Microbes Microbial inoculants also known as soil inoculants are agricultural amendments that use beneficial endophytes (microbes) to promote plant health. Many of the microbes involved form symbiotic relationships with the target crops where both parties benefit (mutualism). While microbial inoculants are applied to improve plant nutrition, they can also be used to promote plant growth by stimulating plant hormone production....

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Agroscience Solutions Develops Proprietary Microbial Formulation

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Biological Nitrogen fixation - Between 95% – 99% of nitrogen in the soil is in an organic form that is not available for uptake by plants. And although 78% of the earth’s atmosphere is nitrogen, it also is mostly unavailable for plant use. However, Mother Nature has a solution – microbes. Microbes play an important part in the nitrogen cycle. Agroscience Solutions Proprietary microbial formulation unlocks bound soil nitrogen...

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Soil Sampling and Testing

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Field sampling and soil testing are important in significant ways:  for assessing soil fertility and developing proper fertilizer recommendations and to monitor soil changes resulting from cropping practices or to diagnose specific production problems. Proper soil sampling will provide accurate soil test results and reliable nutrient recommendations. Please contact your Agroscience Solutions sales associate to find out how Soil Sampling and...

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