What is (Mycorrhizae) by Agroscience Solutions?

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What is (Mycorrhizae) by Agroscience Solutions? The plant performs photosynthesis and other above ground functions while the Mycorrhiza (the fungi) handle underground nutrition gathering and protection of  the roots.  Mycorrhiza is the defining term for the linking of plant roots with beneficial fungi in its natural way.  Mycorrhizal fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the plants roots. What are propagules v. spores? Propagules are the...

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Can Agroscience Ship To Me, Even in Bulk?

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Agroscience Solutions, LLC is a leading domestic and  international fertilizer company with customers all over the world.  With several shipping sizes, and bulk worldwide shipping available, Agroscience allows you to purchase products with ease and efficiency. We have embraced and created the latest technological advances in agriculture fertilizers to offer a more efficient approach to fertilizer use while producing a higher yield for the...

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